Obsidian Healing Jar

Obsidian Healing Jar


A tiny healing jar for anywhere you are! This charcoal colored stone keychain is the perfect addition to your jumbled life of keys, to-do lists, and cluttered minds. Whisk away the stress and allow you to zone back in to what matters most, You! Gift it to a friend, pass it on to a partner, or keep it all for yourself. Let it sway with your keys, or hang as a zipper pull on your bag, its all up to you!

Obsidian is known for its protection qualities, as well as helping you find courage, strength, and a better connection with the world. This specific stone is associated with the Aries and Capricorn zodiac signs and embodies the root chakra. Obsidian is said to help with luck and has been referred to as the the healing stone!

P.S. Fantastic for the crystal lover, chakra obsessed, or aspiring healer!



Gray Suede Cord

3” Cord (from bottle to knot)

1.5” Jar

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