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We’re here to make your job easier, the job of online shopping. Stop digging around on the internet for the perfect gift, whether it’s for a friend, your mom, or you. It’s all here, the cute, the useful, and the wacky. We thoughtfully curate our goods from near and far to bring the best of the best all within reach to you. Many of our products are hand-made and are only available in small quantity batches to ensure the highest quality. If you found something you loved and we’re sold out drop us a note and we’ll try our best to bring your favorites back, and if you know of an artist or an item that you think we’d love, let us know by sharing with our Instagram page @of.aspen or email so we can connect and make magic happen.

We have chosen to divide our gifts into six categories so you can have a wider selection of goods catered to your tastes!

Continue below to find out more on what each category is all about. Enjoy!


Mind + Body

For the lovers of:

  • crystals

  • philosophy

  • yoga

  • tarot cards

  • witches brew

The Arts

For the ones who care about:

  • fine art

  • crafts

  • one-of-a-kind pieces

  • art supplies

  • and all other artsy fartsy stuff!



Home + Office

For the people who want to spice up their:

  • kitchen

  • office

  • bookshelves

  • jewelry boxes

  • everywhere!