Forest at Dusk Journal

Forest at Dusk Journal


If you find your head in the clouds and your feet in the woods, this is the journal for you. It even has a plum colored waterproof cover, so it can withstand those pesky tree branch rain drops that always hit you in the face. Develop your ideas on these lay-flat pages so you never have to worry about that middle bump! The pages are dotted to allow for drawings, poems, bullet journaling, or taping leaves right in!

P.S. Just right for the nature lover.


Silver Satin Place Holder

192 Dotted Pages

100% FSC Recycled Paper

81 GSM Weight Paper

Eco Friendly Soy Ink

Fountain Pen Friendly

Lay-Flat Sewn Binding

Waterproof Cover

Size 7” x  9”

By Cognitive Surplus

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