Seasonal Symphony Framed Origami

Seasonal Symphony Framed Origami


This season-inspired beauty is handmade with 100% recycled paper, folded into origami and set in a wooden frame. It is the perfect statement piece for any room or studio space, adding a blend of pastels and royal blue to both your wall. There is no glass covering the piece to allow for better examination of the patterns and colors included, so please take into consideration where you hang this (away from children, pets, and clumsy people.)

P.S. A perfect fit for the aspiring art collector, color enthusiast, or owner of a bare wall!




100% Recycled Paper

Silver Lined Pine Frame

Size 10” x  10”

Wall Hook Included

*Although this is a one-of-a-kind piece, if you are interested in the artist making one for you with your choice of colors or theme, drop us an email so we can make it happen. Sizes can vary.

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